Extraordinary General Meeting
Wednesday 29th August 2007
7pm in Bourtree Pavilion

The special business for discussion is a proposal from Portlethen & District Bowling Club for the refurbishment, development and joint use of Bourtree Pavilion. The meeting will start with a slide show, describing the proposed refurbishment and outlining the management options.

Full details of the proposals are available here. The following is a brief summary

Aberdeenshire Council has offered to lease Bourtree Pavilion, the tennis courts and bowling green to Portlethen Tennis Club and Portlethen & District Bowling Club providing they can come to an agreement on how to share the facilities. Several meetings have been held between sub committees of the two clubs to discuss the matter and identify requirements of the individual clubs. Building on this, the Bowling Club has developed plans and put forward two alternative management options for consideration by the Tennis Club.

Option 1 suggests setting up a new organisation, jointly owned by both clubs, to develop and manage the facilities. Both clubs would share in the financing of the refurbishment and maintenance of the pavilion, in proportion to the size of their membership.

Option 2 proposes that the Bowling Club should assume full responsibility for leasing the facilities from Aberdeenshire Council. The Bowling Club would then sublet the tennis courts to the Tennis Club on condition that the Tennis Club assumes responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the courts. The Bowling Club would refurbish the pavilion to accommodate the needs of both clubs and permit Tennis Club members to use the pavilion through Associate Membership of the Bowling Club.

This is an exciting and important opportunity for the Tennis Club and it is important for all members to participate in discussions. Please come to this meeting if you can.

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