Portlethen Tennis Club Junior Championships 2002

The draw for this year's junior championships was done, by the committee, on Wednesday 13th May.

Please read the following rules carefully.

1. All matches will be played to the best of three sets. If the score in any set reaches 6-all, then that set will be decided by playing a tie-break.

2. The deadline date for each round is listed in the heading box above the details of the round.

3. Competitors must arrange their own playing times within these deadlines - except for the finals of the Girls Singles and U16 Boys singles which will take place over the weekend of 11/12 September, at a time arranged by the Committee.

4. Each match is depicted thus on the draw listing

competitor(s) 1

competitor(s) 2

If your name appears above the line then it is your responsibility to contact your opponent(s) to arrange a time to play the match. This must be done no later than 10 days before the deadline for that round. If you are to be on holiday within the 10 day period before a deadline, you must contact your opponent(s) in sufficient time to arrange a match before you go on holiday. This applies whether or not your name appears above the line.If you fail to contact your opponent(s) in time, then your opponent(s) will go through to the next round by default.

5. If no mutually agreeable time can be arranged to play the match, then the competitors involved should contact the Secretary (Sheila) or one of the Joint Presidents (Ian, Sandra, Karen or Susan) who will organise a 'coin toss' to determine who goes through to the next round.

6. Junior matches should be played in the afternoon or at weekends. Competitors should ensure that they start a match in sufficient time to finish it before evening play commences.

7. Umpires are optional. Any disputes, in a non-umpired match, should be settled by playing a let.

8. Results, including the scores, should be sent in by e-mail to info@portlethentennisclub.org.uk or telephoned to the Secretary (Sheila) or Treasurer/WebMaster (Aenea).

Good Luck!